Across Yogi Tel Solutions, we require the active commitment to, and accountability for safety, quality and environmental responsibility from all leaders, employees and workers.

We hope to achieve this by creating a safety culture, through the setting of clear goals, providing everyone with the information and training they need and encouraging people at all levels to be involved in our safety journey.

Our goal is Zero Harm. This means that we will look after and protect our people, the business, the environment and the wider community.
Achieving Zero Harm is going to require ongoing and unwavering commitment from all Yogi Tel team members. We will actively engage and consult with the team, subcontractors and clients to promote and achieve a Zero Harm culture.

  • This commitment means that we are all responsible for the following:
    proactively identify and manage risks so far as is reasonably practicable to prevent harm;
    intervene, delay or stop activities that have the potential to cause injury, ill health or adverse environmental impacts, including pollution, until effective controls are in place;
  • actively encourage each other to improve health, safety, general wellbeing and fitness and ensure employees are supported when injured or ill, regardless of whether the injury or illness occurred at work or at home;
  • ensure our team members are trained, authorised and competent to undertake their work activities;
  • seek out, identify and implement HSE opportunities that create value;
  • take responsibility for the quality of our work and participate in achieving quality outcomes for our subcontractors and clients;
    actively report all health, safety and environmental incidents or concerns, including near-misses, and recommend solutions to health, safety, environment and quality issues; and
  • set and regularly review health, safety, environment and quality objectives and targets to achieve continual improvement, monitor performance and recognise and reward achievements.

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