Scoping, Cabling and Construction

Site scoping is the first step towards constructing the new network at the later stage. YOGI TEL provides its end to end services which consists from site scoping to final network build and install. 

We are expert in optic fibre, copper and HFC cable systems, as well as the installing of network active network components such as terminal devices, amplifiers, switches and DSL equipment. Our work management systems capture all job completion data real-time so we can then undertake a 100% desk-top quality audit of all work orders.

YOGI TEL can turn-key all cabling and construction requirements  for all minor and major work:

  • Site Scoping.
  • Civil works for in the street and for access to a building
  • In-building cabling, termination and testing
  • Equipment installing including power supplies
  • The provision of “As-built” drawings and updating of client inventory or record keeping systems
  • Asbestos removal, installing new pits and pipes, trenching, digging, road crossing underground boring 

Wireless Telecommunications

While the specifications of the fifth generation of mobile networks are still to be finalized, 5G is the next big evolution in mobile technology.

The introduction of 5G means that radical network re-engineering is required from all three of Australia’s mobile networks.

YOGI TEL provides the full suite of site development services from planning and design, site acquisition through to construction, installation, commissioning and pre/post optimisation services. 

YOGI TEL consists a team of highly skilled telecommunication professionals designers and drafters who can produce designs relevant to any organizational or carrier standard, ranging from feasibility concept to full ‘For Construction’ documentation. With explosive growth in wireless subscriptions worldwide, the industry has struggled to keep up with demand. Though most areas today have adequate coverage for most subscribers, there remains a marked lack of capacity, resulting in dropped connections and poor network performance for the end user. The 4G and 5G small cell / Micro and Macro trend adds density to wireless capacity by deploying connection points, typically in street-level locations, to over-capacity areas. Small cell /Micro & Macro installations are a specialty of YOGI TEL; we work with the three major carriers and their hardware providers to deploy Small cell /Micro & Macro installations where they are needed most. YOGI TEL offers turnkey solution to their customers in order for them to focus on high level strategic issues. Our professionals perform all infrastructure construction and pole attachment to on-air integration with the larger network.

Our recent work includes the following but not limited to:

  • Working on a 5G trail site for Telstra at present.
  • Completed 5G + Low band modernisation for Telstra.
  • Completed 53 sites for PNP Project (L2100 upgrade).
  • Worked on VHA eJV upgrade.
  • Worked on GOA (L2600), L700, L2100 and W850 installation and upgrade for Telstra.
  • Completed installation and NCR work for Telstra blackspot and small cell.
  • Performed RAN and Transmission work for Telstra.
  • Worked on Transmission project for VHA, Project Catalina and FUJI.
  • Experienced in C-RAN, D-RAN, MUXes, Backhaul, SDH, Fiber network.

“The comprehensive end to end solutions for your macro and micro cell construction project”

Fixed Telecommunications

YOGI TEL consistently strive to provide improved services to it’s customers. To build the best solution to meet clients’ requirements, YOGI TEL tailors construction, operational and management systems and processes for every individual project, leveraging large-scale enterprise management systems to deliver cost benefits to all customers without compromising on safety or quality. In Australia, we are the major contractor to NBN for the rollout of the National Broadband Network. YOGI TEL is providing activations, fault rectification, piller jumpering, validations and cuttins services under the FTTN, FTTC, FTTP and HFC technologies.

“We are unique in diverse capabilities and comprehensive engineering services delivered across a wide range of geographies”

Calibrations and Maintenance Services

YOGI TEL provides Calibrations and maintenance services for wide range of electronics and telecommunication devices. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced to undertake repairs to electronics/telecom instruments in ways that are both economical and within a good turnaround time.

Our calibration and maintenance services include the following but we not limited to these:-

  • JDSU – ONX620-HFC
  • Gas Detectors
  • Cell Site Test Sets
  • Cellular Radio Interface Testers
  • Communication Service Monitors
  • Communication Analyzer
  • CDMA Cellular Adapters
  • Digital Modulation Signal Generators
  • Pattern Generators
  • Omnibers
  • SONET Test Sets
  • Transmission Impairment Measuring Sets
  • Vector Signal Generators
  • Power Sensor Calibration
  • Spectrum Analyzer Calibration
  • Network Analyzer Calibration
  • Signal Generator Calibration
  • Logic Analyzer Calibration
  • Attenuator Calibration
  • S-Parameter Test Set Calibration
  • Distortion and Noise Meter Calibration
  • Sonet Test Sets through 10G
  • Multi-wavelength Meter Calibration
  • Optical OTDR Calibration